“Why d…didn’t….y…you…s…say…so!” Sam almost screamed.

Sentience blinked for the sake of his large ears gathering all that noise, “you weren’t open to it.” Definitively stated.

“OH man!” Sam started gathering the nothing that he brought, but looked around anyway, “a…all I h…have to d…do is f…find the S….source….and…I…I’ll get outta here!” The excitement consumed him and he found his escape route through the tiny (too tiny for these large rabbits) burrow, but paused mostly tuned to the eery feeling that this had all taken place before. He was left without the momentum to actually leave. He turned to find Sentience and Battle sitting silently while their large eyes blinked at intervals.

“Wh…what now?” Sam stood motionless, uneasiness covering him like a hot blanket.

Battle fiend surprise (this is difficult for rabbits), “you’re asking us?”

With an admission that was altogether painful for Sam, he replied “y…yes….w…what sh…should I do?”

Sentience could not help but add his own sarcasm to the discussion, “well,…running out of the room without any direction, probably won’t get you where you want to go.”

“We’ve been there before,” Battle nodded his large ear infested head. "By we, I mean, YOU."

“I…know,” Sam sheepishly admitted sitting on his chair again in an exasperated heap, “b…but you t…two are so aggravatingly slow, a….and c…confusing”

A reprised fiend look of surprise emerged from Battle (it must have been a hard day for him), “us? Difficult?”

“YOU!” Sentience continued to add his two bits as if he was adding ingredients to his pot of soup, “you’re the difficult one.” With this, both rabbits began laughing heartily, but without the involvement of the third party. He was putting his tired head in his hands with a long, annoyed sigh, but there was a smile there, far below the surface.

Sam wasn’t sure he trusted these two yet, as he sat up and reached for another bowl of soup, but he was learning that they weren’t against him, which for him, was like a broken piece of his young war torn heart finding it’s way back into its proper position. He finally resolved to just sit there, perhaps a little ill at ease, and maybe still a little confused, along side the chattering, laughing, Battle and Sentience….the two large....and annoying rabbits.

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