A Cracker?

"OH..i..i.. it’s you!” Sam was beside himself with relief.

The familiar mysterious fisherman emerged from the thick wood, still carrying his pole on his shoulder, wearing the same linen white shirt and dark trousers. He didn’t look as though he even saw Sam laying there. Nor did it look like a night had past for him, at all.

"What's that? Hey you there!" The fisherman crouched down in the odd way as before, Sam wasn't quite sure who he was speaking to since he did not look at him, but because there was no one else around, he accepted it as an invitation to approach.

"A...Are y...you... l.... looking for your r...river a...a..again?" Sam ran up to the man and had the spontaneous compulsion to shake his hand or something, but thought better of it. He then noticed a basket hung along the man's side.

"W...what i...is i...in there?" Sam asked excitedly, completely comfortable with being inquisitive. He had just spent a whole evening with human sized rabbits for pity sake, what could the man do in retaliation?

"Fish." The man said bluntly.

"OH! so you HAVE been to the river!" Sam was happy for him, but also hungry and thought perhaps the man would invite him to dine.

"I have....." the man looked at Sam sideways, presumable trying to assess from which direction he had come, as he appeared to be shocked to see him "and I am looking for it again."

"What?!" Sam thought this man must have a serious case of dementia, but somehow he looked neither scattered nor lost.

"What do you want?" the man peered down at Sam with a tad bit of impatience.

"I...t..th...thought...y..you might...h...have some food," there was no point in trying to hide the fact that he was starving.

"You have to go to The Source for that," the man sighed patting the lid of his basket, as if he had been down this line of conversation a million times before, "but here, here is just a small bit." He pulled out from one of his pockets what appeared to be a saltine cracker and handed it over to Sam as if it was the whole world between his fingers. Sam reached for it and felt a tinge of resistance coming from the man's hand.

"Th...that's it?" Sam was perplexed, all of the sudden wishing he had taken the Sentience and Battle's offer for food the night before.

"I am afraid you'll only get hints and scraps until you find The Source, small peculiar intruder." His eyes met Sam's with a jolting lack of levity.

Sam looked down at his cracker, shrugged his shoulders and with one bite consumed the whole thing. It inflated in his mouth like a whole slab of honeycomb. It was wonderful and entirely unexpected. When he was done wiping the crumbs from the corners of his mouth he looked up to find that his companion was once again, gone.

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