A Good Thing

“We can’t tell you,” Battle heaved a sympathetic sigh “we can only show you the way.”

“Which, I understand, can seem very threatening…… for you,” Sentience added slowly with a slight air of uncertainty as to how it would be received “we know you have been through a lot.”

Sam was a little frustrated, it would have been nice to know he wasn’t being pushed along by rabbits, no less, that seemed like they could easily overlook his history, keep pushing him into the abyss, keep requiring more from him, when all he could think about was his dad, his mom, his grandma, and his pending move.

“We could have cried with you for days,” Battle blinked in earnest.

“But it would not have gotten you here,” Sentience, again he finished Battle’s thoughts.

Sam reflected on how caving into self pity would have probably ended up with them all in a totally different place, how he might have been blinded by now, or sleeping on the dirt floor of their den, still, again, or caught up in some tree waiting to die, with those stupid leaves singing in his ears. Still, pain was pain.

Now it was Sam’s thoughts Sentience was reading, “pain let’s us know something is broken, but letting it drive us leads to a lot of…”

“Destruction,” Battle huffed, stretching a bit as he added his bit, like playing mental telepathy tennis. Though finished.

“Destruction leads to destruction, leads to destruction….” Sam breathed out his reply, heaving with personal knowledge, knowing all about that topic.

“Do you think things will ever go back to the way they were for me?” His question struck the final chord, an accumulation of all that a transpired until now. Now that he was starring down a hopeful, yet unknown destination, beyond the opening of the cave. Highlighted with the brightest of glows, but still bathed in steep mystery.

“Do you?” Sentience asked, his eyes, for the first time, scouring the ground as if there was something to find in the dirt, and something of an uncomfortable moment to avoid.

“No,” Sam was slow in his response “I don’t think it will.”

“Are you sure that is a bad thing?” Battle continued in kindly fortitude.

“Or maybe, Sam,” Sentience met his eyes with compassion “its just going to be a different thing.”

“And maybe….” Battle was now on all fours with his nose pointing in the direction of the cave’s opening, motioning Sam forward “a very good thing.”

Tears seeped through the corners of Sam’s eyes, as quickly as he blinked them away in the bright sunlight.

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