Ah ha, there it is!

Then there is was, distinct from the soft sounds of the wind whizzing past his ears, was the sound of running water. Just a small trickle, like fresh water bursting from a spring. But all streams led to the ocean, it was said…or the SOURCE, in this case. He let his ears guide his feet and his eyes. As he searched, he wondered if he would meet that same man with the fishing pole. He wondered how long it would take to find the Source, and what would happen once he did?

The leaves around him made whirling noises and rushed up in the air and flew back down. But this time the leaves were not singing. They had no directions to give. No high notes to sing harmony to, they just danced in the air with thick anticipation. Was it anticipation or angst? Sam could sense his thoughts were at the door of panic, rap tap tapping, and if Sam was not careful a whole flood of fear was going to take over. Then he heard the breaking of a twig behind him. The choice was his now. Would he turn around? What if it was the Blinder? What if it was nothing? But what if the Blinder was coming? Was he in danger? What could he do about it? No. He steadied himself on his feet, and looked straight ahead with all the bravery he could muster, fully confident the Rabbits had led him to the right place. The only way out of fear, was to walk out.

“Now, let’s see, “ he whispered to himself, “ah ha! There it is!” As he was looking at the tiny rushing stream, he simultaneously felt flooded with joy. He sat by it, on the cool grass and took his shoes off. He had to know what it felt like on his feet. Few children can avoid playing in the water and he was not different.

Boy and stream stood almost looking at one another, but one of them had places to go, and dashed against smoothed down rocks, overhangs, mossy green curbs and over small falls. It was all too exciting like he had never seen the rushing water of a stream before. What was so different about this he didn’t know, but he stood in the middle of it, unashamed.

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