When Sam woke up, dripping with sweat, it seemed well past sunrise, but since there were no clocks, he was unsure. The clear indication that he had overslept was the two fur laden individuals sitting at the table, sipping something hot out of undersized cups. Both were starring at him, adding the familiar blinking, but only at intervals.

"Wh...what time is it?" Sam rubbed his eyes, sort of disappointed he was still in the same company.

"Time?" Battle and Sentience turned to each other and commenced their silent, low firing, blinking attacks.

"The only time we keep account of here, is the time ill used," Battle took a drink of his beverage, but it was apparently still too hot, and his whiskers sprung out from his face like the TV antenna Sam's grandmother had on top of her house.

Sam chortled and Sentience followed, while Battle helplessly tried to change topics to the subject of pancakes and whether or not Sam wanted any. But by this time both Sentience and Sam were unstoppable in their amusement.

"Very funny," Battle lowered his gaze in defeat, the fur lining his eyes like one large eyebrow. And when the laughing dropped off to a least a decibel that could be spoken over he asked if they were, "Finished yet?"

Pancakes did sound appealing to Sam, but he had some doubts about the ingredients belonging to pancakes such as these, "wh..what kind are they?" He thought he saw Battle's eyes gleam for a moment, as if there was something else he wanted to add, beside the pending response.

"Multigrain, of course," Sentience announced. He seemed very proud of his pancake making capabilities. "And actually it's one pancake."

Sam must have looked confused because he continued," I know you are probably use to individual pancakes, but here we bake the oven."

Sam knew, for sure, this had a heavier meaning, the pregnant pause indicated as such, but Sam was too hungry, and his brain needed sustenance to work that out at a later time.

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