Apple Bites

Sam climbed back down the enormous tree, apple in mouth, but when he reached the large opening in the trunk, he froze. He knew it was probably the safest place to be, considering the Blinder, but boy, did it look tight. He was peering over the head of the golden squirrel that looked up, with all persistence, at him.

"I...I...d...don't know...i...if this will work," he said out loud. He was not a fan of tight spaces and this looked like the tightest place he had ever seen.

More scratching from the squirrels.

"Alright...f...fine," Sam grabbed the apple with his mouth and climbed in.

It was dark, and as uncomfortable as one might imagine the inside of a trunk to be. As weird as most things seemed to be in this strange place, other things had an uncanny predictable-ness. There was no magic in this tree trunk, let the reader be fully convinced, yet somehow Sam found a space to lean and almost....almost sit, so this was perhaps a slight miracle.

The squirrels were relieved by all accounts, but Sam had the sense he was losing oxygen. He didn't want to panic again, so he tried to ignore it, " it getting st...stuffy in here?" he queried. Sam didn't expect any response, but one of the squirrels hopped up on his knee, as if it understood him. That seemed to make the tight space tighter though, and Sam could feel angst welling up.

Both squirrels were on each knee now, peering up at Sam, who was grabbing at the neck of his t-shirt to try to loosen what was already as loose as can be. They looked up at him and then down at the apple he was holding in his hands....up at him, and then down at the apple.

"Wh...what? eat?" Sam gasped "Ne...nevermind I...I ...c...can't breath."

He was half tempted to throw it at them, but they blinked with their wide yellow eyes that almost illumined the dark hollow of the tree and reached for the apple with such a delicate manner that Sam thought maybe biting pieces off of it and feeding them would work better and perhaps it would get his mind off of his circumstances.

Sure enough, Sam and squirrels past the evening along with mouth fulls of apple bites and a chorus of chewing sounds. Sam forgot all about his fear of tight spaces, but his stomach started to feel a bit weird.

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