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As Foretold

They stayed in their hidden position just behind the rails of the “Ol Deborah” gasping heavily with fear, or just simple solidarity, and why not? There was little hope, humanly speaking, but they had been there before, and they had each other, they were like family, that was a lot, and to these kids it was surprising.

“Cap?” asked one of the crew, who made his dwelling in the bird’s nest. The one who had scared Marguex to death as a snake.

“Yes?” responded Margeux.

“We lost one of our dingies,” he sheepishly offered the information.

All at once Marguex felt the frustration that leaders often struggle with, “it wasn’t tied down?” She wanted to say more, but just ended with, “oh nevermind. What is your name?”


“Sam, the snake, I’ll remember that,” the sailor smile broadly and Marguex half expected a long snake like tongue to slither out between his teeth.

Just then a little sailor motioned over the side of the ship toward the mountain that towered over the tower in question, “is that steam coming out of them thar hills?”

Copper and Bayern looked at each other and Copper began slowly,

When numbers are added to,

And trails cross agin,"

“Copper,” Bayern was trying contain himself, “when trails cross again! That was JASPER, my boy!”

Copper continued despite how Bayern was griping his shoulders,

“...Listn’ to yer kin

Hark! the rumblin of smoke

from the driftin’ mountains!

He is sure to lose his hold!’”

When all agin seems lost...”

At this point Lester stopped him, “about that part….? ‘When all agin seems lost?’ What of that?”

“We push forward!” Bayern threw his fist up in the air.

Gunfire was heard from the shore.