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"Th...th..leaves talk," Sam returned, emboldened with the recollection. He sought to undermine this large furry animal's assuredness.

"The leaves.....sing," the rabbit replied, "EVERYthing can sing...if you'll listen."

"E...EVERYthing...CA..CAN...n..NOT!" Sam was fully exasperated, overcome with want for normalcy.

"That's what a dead person would say."

"Or a sleeping one!" from behind, with additional kitchen raucous.

"What are you doing back there?" Finally the light rabbit turned to the other one to examine what it was that could possibly be the reason for all the noise. The dark rabbit had just finished taste testing something with a spoon still in its mouth when he was caught red handed, as it were. At the very same moment a measuring cup lost its footing at the corner of the counter and fell off, finalising things with a high hat sounding emphasis.

"Ugh," groaned the rabbit that wasn't cooking "you make such a mess.'

"Ah ha!" returned the other "but I'm a good cook!...Time to eat!'

"B...but....I...ha...haven't ...e..even...slept," Sam was hoping there was a comfortable bed around to lay his weary, overly stimulated, head.

"Sleeping is a waste of time," the light rabbit cautioned in a manner tuned to his other responses.

"O...of c...course....y...you would say that," Sam rolled his eyes, pretty sure in himself that he could stop taking them seriously altogether. "Wh....what ar..are your names?" said with utterly mild curiosity.

"Mine is Sentience," the light one said "and Master Chef, back there," with added eye rolling "his name is Battle."

"Oh." Sam was not sure what Sentience meant but didn't care enough at the moment to query "I....I want to sleep," Sam attempted a burrowing of resolve. No pun intended.

"You can call me Senti," Sentience said ignoring Sam "and that one you can call Batty". He snickered at his own joke, finally revealing eyes that sometimes squinted with joy.

"BATTLE!" said the other.

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