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Carried Off

They both landed in a heap behind a large bolder, the cawing of the huge monster bird resounded all around them with cathedral resonance, but they were unsure where to look to find it, all they knew was that it was coming after them at a fierce rate and with a terrifying cry.

Suddenly dust flew up in every direction into a perfect fog indicating that the large fiery creature was on top of the stone they had sought out for shelter. Marguex crouched down lower and looked up just in time to see a massive claw snatching for her. She noticed upon it’s ankle, a golden ring.

“I think this thing is somebody’s pet,” she dodged the first swipe or two of the knife like talons.

“I think it’s only after you,” Lester exclaimed under much duress at the thought. When he tried to pull his sister behind him the large bird seized the opportunity and carried her off by her shoulders, but not without her brother grabbing her heals before take off.

Marguex screamed. A scream that traveled over the whole of the island, reaching the ears of a vast number of gruesome and deadly soldiers, as well as Bayern.

“What was that?” Bayern motioned the men around him to quiet themselves. They had just found themselves a remote spot of land on which to offload. Only emptied of challengers, because of the vast amounts of thorny brush they had to wade through.

Copper peered up into the sky looking for a sign of the disturbance, “twas Marguex, Bayern, I’d knowd that screem anywher.”

“Men, keep your heds low and yer eyes up,” Bayern ordered.

The giant vulture shook his captured girl to loose the extra baggage, namely her brother, as it soared higher into the sky.

“Lester,” Marguex cried, “it’s claws are digging in further, we are both going to suffer, if you don’t let go!”

“I am not letting go!” Lester refused the idea completey, readjusting his grip.

“You have to!” Marguex shouted, “I’ll be fine. He is taking me to the other women.”


“Hurry, Lester, now!” Marguex pleaded, “Before the fall kills you.”

Lester peered into the intention behind his sister’s eyes, not the tears, not the angst, but the purpose.

“Fine,” Lester relented and dropped to quite a distance below her feet, his fall only broken by the sudden stop in a shallow pool of water. He lifted his eyes to follow the path of the red flame now flying so high in the sky, he could barely see his sister’s legs, “not cool, Marg.” Never had he felt the urge to cry in such an alarming way.