Curled Eyebrows

“And……,” Sam could barely get his mouth around the words, it seemed like there was a strange lack of mechanics necessary to formulate them, “where…d…do I…er…people….take the pain?”

The rabbits were speechless for a moment, while in the real world this was nothing new, for Battle and Sentience this was groundbreaking.

“I m…mean,” Sam fortified a plan of emotional escape, “what…do…you think…I…I…should do? W…wash it in water?” He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Yes," was all they could blurt out.

“M….must b…be s..some kinda water,” Sam still slumped in fiend disgust.

“Well, it is not something, we can do for you,” Sentience entered. The Rabbits squinted to each other as smiles emerged on their furry faces.

“Nope,” Battle added, “you have to find out for yourself.”

“I… m…met….a man…l…looking for a river,” Sam again thought he was avoiding the topic, but at this the rabbits leaped in their seats in sheer delight.

“He also talked about the Source, didn’t he?!!!” Battle and Sentience asked this in harmonised unison.

Sam focused hard on the dirt floor in front of him as it suddenly dawned upon him that this was, in fact, the case. Was this some kind of conspiracy? He didn’t trust anything that seemed too planned. Seemed like a lot of things that meant his ill, were planned, like his Dad now enslaved to a corporate workforce in prison, like his mom planning to get rid of him, to send him to his Uncle behind his back. He long learned to stay well clear of overly organised situations.

“What’s…h…his name?” Sam was very clever at getting out of uncomfortable topics.

“He doesn’t have one,” Sentience responded slowly, shifting his large cumbersome mass in the tiny chair that did not correspond to his size..

What?! The sound of that was very alarming to Sam. This was something he definitely wanted nothing to do with. He already felt invisible without inviting it upon himself.

“He follows his river so well,” mused Battle as he lifted his eyes, rather in awe, to the dirt ceiling, answering as one reading Sam's thoughts, “he no longer knows it, or needs it.”

“Weird,” was the curt retort from Sam.

“Yes, it is,” the fur around Sentience’s face, seemed to be indicating that he was still chewing on something (and endless task for rabbits) “for those that don’t understand.”

Sam curled his eyebrows downward as he pondered whether or not he wanted to understand.

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