Sam couldn't help but smile. These two were a right mess with fur. "Wh...wh...what's for dinner?" he asked without trying to reveal his more relaxed posture.

"Why do you talk like that?" Senti asked, ignoring Sam's question. Anyway it was normal for humans to not like rabbit food, even if it was cooked.

Sam glanced to the floor ashamedly, "I..I.dunno." The rabbit was still starring, also blinking, at him so he continued, "I..It....g..got...wo....worse after Dad...." Sam dropped off letting his own mind touch on the painful memory without expanding upon it with an almost stranger.

"...Was put in the clink?!” said with such force by Senti another cup fell off the counter....maybe, or maybe it was just so forceful that it seemed like another cup fell.

Sam's eyes narrowed and distrust blanketed itself over him once again, but he was unsure of what to say at this obtuse response.

"Am I right?" continued Senti unabated. "Put in the slammer on trumped up charges!?”

Sam jolted out of his seated position and pushed Senti back as hard as he could, and regardless of the surplus cutlery flying about or Battle's shocked expression, Sam ran passed in a frenzy to find a way out of the maze of a burrow through the dinner door right of the kitchen. “Left, no right,” Sam was saying to himself in the dark with two voices trailing behind him, yelling, "Sam! Wait!"

"Leave me ALONE!" Sam yelled back.

He heard one say to the other, "hey, he didn't stutter!"

Why were they so intrusive? Why were they so cruel, and particular? These were the thoughts that were flooding Sam's mind as he scrambled around the halls of the dark and dirty burrow. He thought he felt something crawl on him in the dampness and brushed it off quickly, yelling behind again with heightened anger, "what is the way out of here!?”

"He did it again," this was said with much delight amidst the huffing and puffing of the two fluffy tailed animals who were hopping after Sam on all fours.

"Ughhh! Which is the way out?!” But the further Sam went, the darker it got, and with the darkness a mysterious fear crept in, totally unfamiliar to Sam. He began to forget the warmth of the fire and the harmlessness of the rabbits that pulled him from the clutches of the Blinder, who cared for him in the flickering light, preparing food and asking questions. Questions. Why were they such a threat? He ran on without any idea why or of where to go.

Sam looked back suddenly with rapid breath, after he could no longer hear their voices, but not with anger anymore, with fear, yes, even severe panic. The darkness had changed all that he remembered or knew of the circumstances that brought him there. The fog in his mind was a dense as the darkness around him, making Sentience and Battle no longer mere annoyances, but enemies.

What is this place?” Sam paused for a moment.

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