It didn’t take Sam very long to figure out, as he sat silently in the Rabbit’s burrow, him starring at the dirt floor, and the rabbits, Sentience and Battle, in turn, staring at him, that action needed to take place. His options seemed so few. Hide, die, or follow. He didn’t much like the idea of hiding inside a cave forever, nor did he appreciate what the Blinder had in store for him if he, willy nilly “went for it” so to speak. The only option left was to see what this Source was all about, and to try to find that strange man with a fishing pole.

After a long, somewhat awkward pause, Sam looked up and unveiled his final decision “s…so, I g…guess it’s up to me.” He glanced at one of the dark tunnels that emptied into the tiny kitchen and remembered the last time he tried to run away without any instructions as to how to get out. It ended with overwhelming fear, birds, and few fuzzy details after that.

Sentience and Battle’s noses commissioned their morse code response.

“H…how do I…I get out?”

This was just the kind of confidence that they were looking for. “Great!” said Sentience, “let’s show you how to get out of this dungeon.”

“Dungeon?” Battle was a little less apt to call this dirt hole a dungeon but he also understood, somewhat sheepishly, the sentiment as a clump of mud fell from the ceiling on cue.

Sentience saw the clump fall, barely missing a tea cup, “yes,” evenly addressed without missing a beat “dungeon.”

Sam smiled at the two. Battle quickly removed the dirt with a quick swipe of his paws, under his arm, as if trying to fool the onlookers. If rabbits could blush it would have been happening right now for the amusement of Sam and Sentience, at Battle’s expense. This was exactly how Sam wanted to remember them. Strange it was to have to say goodbye to friends he never wanted or intended to make, but whose indelible mark would not quickly fade. Sam grinned widely and got up from his seat.

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