Eyes of Faith

While Sam sat there in the tiny, new, rabbit kitchen stewing, he thought of all the dead ends he had experienced in the short time he had been in this new world. What was wrong with all this, beside the obvious? Why was EVERY effort made to return home thwarted? Why was there a “Blinder” out trying to get him? What was he missing? And why were his choices so few? Most of all why was his only help two rabbits who were no real help at all?

“Do you want something to eat?” Battle interrupted Sam’s thoughts.

Sam was starving but still resistant, “what is it?” He could smell something rather pleasant coming from the stove top.

“Vegetable stew,” Battle, rolling his eyes, as if Sam should have know. He turned to Sentience, nevertheless, to what seemed like a quest to confirm this notion.

“That’s right!” Sentience yelled from the kitchen without turning around.

Sam shrugged.

“Is that a yes or no?” Battle asked this like a perturbed mother of a teenager.

“Fine,” Sam said trying his hardest to not look too excited about quieting the hunger cries coming from his stomach.

What happened next took him completely by surprise as the two rabbits solemnly gathered by their little table and bowed their heads in utter surrender to what they quietly referred to as “the Source,” praising the greatness of its provisions and care and thanking it, with heavy laden pauses and awe filled reflections. Sam approached quietly stupefied by this display of faith and sat quietly at the only empty seat. He was not at all concerned that his meal was getting cold, nor was he offended by what was taking place. Sam wanted to see what they obviously saw with their eyes of faith.

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