Fluffy Tail End

“So, I guess I better go,” Sam announced with a noticeable tone of apprehension.

Sadness spread across the faces of the rabbits, but not without a mixture of pride.

“Then,” Sentience also stood in like minded response, as if called up for duty “we better show you the safe way out of our merry ol’ dungeon,” directing that last emphasis toward Battle. Battle, in turn, sniffed and rolled his eyes, as he too, got up from his tiny seat, with less decorum, almost tumbling over completely in the endeavour.

The rabbits turned and went first out of the tunnel, motioning Sam to follow. By degrees, Sam noticed that instead of finding a way that led upward, the rabbits were, by all accounts, going farther down through the tiny corridors and tunnels. Far be it from Sam to presume here, but it logically made sense to him that to ultimately go up to the surface, which was the desired end, they should ultimately make a direction toward that way. Apparently the problem of reaching the surface above them, was more easily solved, according to the rabbits, by traveling further down. There was some kind of lesson in this, thought Sam.

“Er…are…..are you sure…w…we are h…heading the right way?” Sam was huffing and puffing at the way tag end of the line. Those rabbit legs were powerful.

“I guess we would know,” Sentience was not taken in by any futile questions, as he blazed through the dark tunnels.

“B….but,” now rolling his eyes, along with huffing and puffing Sam queried further “will…th…this t…take us to…the Source.”

“Not quite,” Battle looked behind at Sam with a little twinkle in his eye, which changed suddenly to alarm as he tripped over a root.

“No,” Sentience continued dodging a few clumps of dirt here and there, feeling the walls, like he was reading a map written in brail. He momentarily stopped on occasion, but not for very long, and after one of these ill timed pauses that almost landed Sam in the back of Battle’s fluffy tail end, he added “You will be able to find it from where this leads.”

“Sure,” Sam shooed some fur away from his face, more focused on the disaster that was narrowing evaded than on what Sentience was saying “ok.”

Both Rabbits stopped, turned, and starred at Sam.

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