Night fell like a hammer bringing with it, its coldness. Sam was restless with fear, and stayed awake a long while starring through the darkness the shadows of the forest, trying to decipher what they were, like kids do, when they have just seen a scary movie before bed. He was wondering which one the "Blinder" might be, if it existed at all. Was it watching him right now? Above him the owl perched unflinchingly, blinking with its bright yellow globes for eyes. Sam had no idea why he should trust the owl, but reclined himself, nevertheless, on the hard ground with his head on a knotty root. There, by and by, he slowly fell asleep.

In the deepest, darkest part of the night when all seems to have forgotten there is such a thing as a sun and daylight, the silent fowl stretched its black wings high over its head, looked down below at the small boy and leaped off the perch into the sky. A familiar (to the reader) rustling came from another direction below too. The leaf fairies, like a swarm of low flying paper airplanes, rushed toward Sam in a familiar way, but with one ominous voice.

"Arise dear Sam, the Blinder is upon you!" They filled Sam's sleeping ears in vain for awhile, until their sound became louder and more fierce.

"Arise," came the shrillest of voices that finally woke him up.

Sam, conscience regained, woke just in time to see the black owl transform itself, mid-air, into a dark and hooded human figure. He carried a long staff and pointed it straight at Sam with ominous intent. The staff burned at the end as if with fire.

Sam thought, the Blinder!, in a panic, but exclaimed out loud, "OH... I...I g....get the i...idea. You r....r..really ARE... a... b...blinder!"

"Quick, quick, escape like mad!" cried the tiny fairies.

"Wh....where d...do I...g... go?" Sam's feet were already running as he tried to communicate to the swarm of leaves buzzing around his moving feet.

"To the rabbits! To the rabbits with haste!" the little voices surrounded Sam, but the Blinder was too close, chasing after him as if he still had owl's wings.

Sam groped his way through the darkness in vain and tripped on a protruding rock. With this the fairies cried in horror, "oh no!" as the Blinder stood over Sam, poker aimed. It made no sound, at all. It's face indiscernable. It's poker inches from Sam's face.

Sam closed his eyes and covered them with his hands, in final resistance, but then something remarkable happened all while his eyes were shut. A flock of doves flew in out of no where, and intervened, attacking the Blinder in such a cloud of white, it had no choice but to back off. Sam felt fury arms and claws grab his own arms and drag him away from the formidable scene. The next thing Sam realized with eyes opened, safely in their sockets, that he was in some kind of underground tunnel. A rabbit burrow.

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