Hung There

Sam hung there for awhile with the blood rushing to his head. Consumed with panic he kicked, tugged, and tried to scratch his way through the branches that seemed to be gripping his feet even tighter with every pull of resistance. He heaved a heavy sigh of defeat, tears streaming down his face and hung there for a long while, crying, desperate and ashamed. Through his blurred vision he was aware that the trees were as black as ever, scary, domineering, uncaring, and immovable. But what could he do to change that? He pulled again, nothing but a stiffening of the black branches. He screamed at the trees to let him loose, murmuring every manner of threat, from chopping them down to burning them leaf by leaf. Nothing. He wiped the tears from his eyes, took a deep breath trying to muster up more resistance and finally began to swing himself in the branches upside down, whimsically, in the best kind of defiance. Stupid trees, he thought. Might as well make the most of this. So in the shadows of the great branches, he silently won the battle over his mind.

“Hello?” Could there be anyone around, at all? The blackened trees uttered their retort with a rustle of dark leaves.

As he hung there, the minutes crept by to an extent which slowly began to alarm him again, but not like before. Surely he wasn’t going to be hanging there all night? He was hoping the Blinder was not around. “Hello?…..Help!” Was the additional cry. His head was throbbing and his feet were feeling numb.

Suddenly he heard scratching and a tiny feet scampering on the branches around him, but he, as yet, could not see the source making the ruckus. When they appeared, they were two squirrels, golden brown in color, with bright yellow eyes. The brightest he had ever seen. Piercing eyes. They hurried around him biting the branches that flinched in response. Sam was fearful that they were going to use their large, gleaming white teeth to bite him, but they seemed to be trying to help, not harm. The branches shook and attempted to put up a fight to stop them, but the little creatures were too fast. So very fast!

“Oh! Hey! Th…thanks,” Sam cried out when he felt the grip loosening around his wrists. The fast and furry creatures just paused once to stare at him, but continued on in their mission.

Finally Sam dropped to the ground with a thud, “oh….ow!” There must be an easier way to get home, he thought.

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