I will go out of my Mind

Yes, there has to be a better way. Sam thought about the first time, since he had been in this weird and awful place, he was on his back, underneath the tree, about to be blinded, in the rabbit cave, being prodded by a huge and annoying rabbit, crouched down in fear in the tunnels, dropped on the ground by the crows, underneath these dark branches with the squirrels looking down on him. Enough. There has got to be a better way. The amount of times he had failed to get back to the large hedge blocking his home, made him want to throw one of the squirrels that was staring at him. They didn't look very catch-able though.

He looked around, still after all that, he was no closer to the hedge that he could not yet see, at all. No human around to help, but he felt that maybe he should thank the wide yellow eyed creatures that he had been tempted to attack, just because they were starring at him. Why did everyone and everything stare at him? They had climbed down from the tree to stand near him..... and continue staring.

"Uh...th...thanks," he said standing up and dusting himself off, trying to ignore how uncomfortable he felt. "Th...thank y..you...f...for cutting me loose."

The two squirrels gathered at his feet and did not look like they expected to part ways with him, nevertheless, Sam attempted a goodbye, "w...well....I better b...be going." They continued to stare.

It was then that Sam realised how close to dark it was getting. The days are so short, he reflected. He wondered where he would find shelter away from the Blinder. He looked down at the two squirrels and rolled his eyes with a heavy sigh. Of course these two vermin had a plan concerning that issue. Sam rolled his eyes again. He was rather fearful about staying outside with the Blinder around.

Much against every ounce of common sense, Sam kneeled down to ask the squirrels, "Do...do...y...you know where...I...I can hide?"

One of the squirrels cocked its head sideways, scampered a short distance from him and turned around again toward Sam, as if to see if he was following, scratching the ground with its foot, also, as if to say, start walking, bud.

This should be interesting, thought Sam, but at least they won't talk my ear off, like the rabbits.

Sam still looked around fearfully as he followed the squirrels, just in case he spotted something amiss. He thought about how, in this place, all the grey areas in his life disappeared. He was either trying to survive, seek a way out, or hide. Surely this can't keep up, he continued in his thoughts, I will go out of my mind.

The squirrels headed toward a large formidable tree that looked a thousand years old.

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