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Marguex knew what needed to be done, and something confirmed in her that Bayern was right.

She sighed deeply, “Lift the sails, boys,” she turned the wheel back around where it jolted to a stuck position again, facing the giant spiral they would soon lose themselves in, she set the ship’s aim.

Where it went, no one knew. What pressure she felt, she could not express.

“Woo hooo!” Bayern and a lot of the crew bellowed as the ship circled around and around the circumference of the watery black hole, as if they were merely on a roller coaster.

Copper held Marguex’s hand and patted the top of it in a meaningful and kind gesture.

“I can’t help feeling responsible for lives that might be lost...” Marguex admitted, shuddering at the thought.

Copper turned to her in a state of shock, “No! Miss Capin', you are responsible for responsibility.”

Marguex was utterly confused by the comment and gave her brother a questioning glance.

“Umm, I think he means that you are responsible to act responsibly...” Lester shrugged and continued, “...just do the best you can do.”

“And don’t give up,” added Copper, smiling.

“But where is this thing taking us?” she had to yell by now and the whole crew was holding onto the rails during the last sweeping turns that were making it impossible to stand upright anymore.

“It could be good…, ” hollered Bayern, “or it could be bad.”

“Thanks for clearing that up,” Lester said under his breath struggling to maintain his grip on the slippery rails.

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