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Never Again

The source of the booming voice, Marguex was unsure about, because the jolt in which it gave the vulture gave her time to loosen herself from it’s grip, not to look around in a daze. She also had the opportunity to lunge for the key in the attempt to free the birds. Seizing the key failed, but she rolled under the feathery villain and slid down the edge of the mountain, indiscriminate about where she might finally land.

She landed hard on a protruding rock, and checked her limbs to see if anything was broken. No, thankfully not. This conspicuous position was not going to last long, though. She assumed the vulture would look for her again, but what actually happened next she was not prepared for at all.

The next thing she witnessed was what she thought might be the Man of the Shadows, as scary as he was, and dark, standing on top of the vulture’s neck, as it gliding down to where Marguex stood on the rock.

Marguex backed up to the mountain side hoping that it would swallow her up. The mountain, not the vulture. She fully convinced herself this was the end of her effort to free those women trapped as birds, in this horrible place.

“You there!” said the dark figure, peering at her through his cape, this particular dialogue was more fearsome than being suspended on top of a rock, over a cliff.

Everything she owned bodily was shaking, she had no idea how to respond, but mustered a “what do you want?” Albeit unconvincingly.

This man’s laughter roared with a thousand shades of darkness, the opposite of Bayern’s in the worst way.

“Tell me,” the man ceased from laughing cut to fierce agitation in a split second, “since you are not going anywhere any time soon. What is your name?”

Marguex was disinclined to answer, and with the kind of bravery that only emerges when earthly hope is gone, replied, “I will not tell you.” She heard a raucous above her and saw that the zombie army had assembled themselves in vast array over the mountain. Alighted by torches and lanterns as dusk had stealthily given way to nightfall.

“Why?” Marguex heard herself ask, “Why do you keep these women here?”

“Why should I tell you, if you won’t tell me your name?” Was the quick retort. “Nevertheless, let me ask you another question. Is it fair for others to never lose someone important to them? While I suffer? Nevermind, don’t answer. I know what I know, the answer is no.”

“Uhh…so you once lov…” Marguex ventured only to be interrupted.

“NEVERMIND. Never again.” He continued with a sneer, “and neither will anyone else.”