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No Help Coming

“Look!” Copper let out a muted shout.

On top of the highest mountain all the men could see a giant red bird and what appeared to be his lunch, landing at the crest of it’s black ashen mass.

As the bird perched himself and his prey on the edge of a vast crater, what was inside the inverted dome captured Marguex’s full attention. Thousands upon thousands of birds were captured within a glass like force, they were trying to fly up to escape but then were quickly defeated by the invisible shield, and sent careening back down to the bottom.

Some were beautiful, some were plain, some were large, and some were as tiny as a humming bird. Just then it occurred to Marguex what exactly the vulture intended to do. If she was captured, and locked inside this glass tomb, she would surely turn into one of these helpless birds, and that would be the end of it.

Panic ensued as the vulture tightened it’s grip and dragged her to some sort of barely visible gate, he lifted his ringed claw and appeared to embark upon using it to gain entrance.

Lester climbed out of the water and made his way up the foreboding mountain as quickly as he could. Marguex’s scream alerted the eery cohorts and they immediately turned to follow it. They would have, by default, run into Lester trying to scramble out of their way. As it was beginning to get dark he figured he should find someplace to hid until it was hard to be seen, and then continue to try to find Marguex and the vulture. He had little understanding of the imminence of Marguex’s situation, or how much she needed help, not when ever he could get there, but at that very moment.

The crew from the Deborah had turned to follow Marguex’s cries as well, knowing full well that the moment they turned to animals at dusk, animal instincts would take over and who knew where they would end up by morning, but most certainly not at the top of the great, dark mountian.

For Marguex, there was no help coming. She was dragged to the entrance of the dome, wrestling, kicking, biting and clawing to no avail.

The giant bird had released the door with his key lifted her over the entrance.

“Stop!” was heard from the side of Marguex and the vulture.