Not Alive

Sam muttered, "wh...whoo kn....knows that?" He wiped the tears from his eyes, "e...e...everyone I've met is either you two," he paused to see if that would muster a flustered response, only to find the "two" referred to, were still starring at him with slow blinking, "or trying to pluck my eyes out." Sam began to sob again, "I...I....j..just..w...want to go home!"

"Sorry," was the unified curt response, "can't go there now." The dark one turned with a grunt, "where ever that is." It hopped itself back to the tiny kitchen.

"B...but whyyy?" Sam howled, "I....I...d...didn't....a..ask to be"

"Of course you didn't, dear," the light one peered carefully down at Sam, shifting his large hind feet as if he was up to something, "who would ask that?" It began to click its tongue behind its teeth as it contemplated the thought.

"' here...e..e..either?" Sam was confused by the idea and searched the rabbit's unreadable face.

"Of course not, dear," the light rabbit, for once, grimaced in an actual show of some feeling,"what with that awful creature running about plucking eyes out, not to mention some of the animals tricking helpless creatures, like yourself." It continued, "you are lucky we found you, you know....and the trees....but there is peace."

"Tr..trees?...P...Peace" Sam blinked away the alarming thoughts that were just then entering his mind, and also the confusing ones.

"OH, of course, dear" from behind the rabbit, his darker companion hooted in soliloquy "well, they don't talk or anything, this isn't a fairytale, but when they decide to, they won't let anyone through, like a plain old door."

"There's no moving 'em," came from the back near the tea kettle, continuing his speech to an audience of none.

"Thank you," the light one rolled his eyes at the other, though unnoticed by that particular, occupied, party. "Life is hard. Period," addressing Sam again. "But there IS peace here."

"'s h...hard..wh...where, too," Sam nodded in an approving gester thinking of all that was at home in the way of difficulty. " what you m...mean about peace."

"Oh, no no no, my dear son," the rabbit shook it's jowls "you're most definitely are NOT alive."

"Not YET," echoed from the back again, as well as the sound of clashing of trays in grand finale.

"Will you please," the light one forced this out as more of an inuendo between his teeth, in obvious annoyance, not expecting the other one to hear him above all the racket it was making.

"W..wh...what?!" Sam almost stood up to run out at the awful presumption.

"Sh sh sh, child," the rabbit blinked back into its stone faced posture, "no need for alarm. Facts are facts. That is all."

"I...I..d...don't uuu...understand you!" Sam bellowed in revolt " weird. Th...this...settles it."

"It settles nothing," the rabbit rapidly fired back, but in a furry way somehow "come, have something to eat."

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