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Ol' Debbie Does wut She Wants

Marguex suddenly found her mindset had changed as her helplessness gave way to purpose and she was aware that their rescue mission was preeminent. Nothing else but the goal mattered. “Where ever we land, men, we are going to use it for our advantage!”

She heard the affirmation of the cheering men ringing in her ears.

“Boys, we are swirling downward, right to the level of the dark islands, is my guess,” Bayern was loud with excitement “we will find them!”

The Deborah and all of her crew members found themselves sliding down as if on one giant water slide to depths unaccounted for.

“Woah!” was now the only battle cry they had to offer, sliding and turning, up inclines and down ravines in a dark tunnel growing eerily similar to the dark island that they had been trapped upon, until nothing, silence, all had stopped….and the Deborah found herself in dark waters, along a dark beach with lifelessness all around.

“Is this the same place as yestern?” asked one of the crew members. His voice sounded hollow and airy.

“No, look!” exclaimed another. He pointed to a shadowy tower off in the distance that was not familiar at all to any of the crewmen.

“Everybody down!” Bayern strongly beckoned to the crew for just over the railings of the boat and all along the waters edge, strange soldier like creatures were marching up from the dreary coastline as if in great alarm.

“What do we do?!” Marguex turned to Bayern for assistance with equal alarm, “they are sure to see the Deborah and attack!”

“Are you sure?” Bayern looked over at her with a look of absolute confusion.

“Yeah!!!….uhhh….won’t they?” Marguex wasn’t sure what to think now.

“Oh the ol’ Debby,” Bayern smiled, “she does wut she wants.”

Lester and Marguex responded at the very same time, “we noticed.”