One last Click

After the rabbits had finished their prayer, they immediately started munching, as rabbits do, as if their stewed vegetables would fly out of their bowls. But Sam forgot all about his hunger, even though the fantastic scent was wafting about the room in a blanket of homey warmth.

“Wh…what was th…that?” were the only words he could form a question with.

Sentience gave him a sideways glance, and allowed space for a long uncomfortable pause, “prayer.”

Sam couldn’t understand it. Why had he just experienced such openness and communion, only to return to this familiar, but uncomfortable distance between himself and these two furry gate keepers, or so they seemed. Sam slumped down into his chair and began to eat the delicious stew.

Battle seemed to be reading his thoughts and added one of his own, “we’re on your side, Sam.”

Sentience, without looking up, added his own remark, “should be obvious by now.”

“I KNOW!” Sam started recalling with a wave of emotion the two times he had been saved by these two, but returned to a calmer position adding, “I…I….j…just feel…l…like…I’m….not good enough for you two.” Sam looked at both Sentience and Battle up and down to communicate, without words, what he was sure was the source of his insecurities.

“That’s not something you picked up from us,” Battle looked at Sentience and Sentience returned his gaze. Sam was not convinced of this at all.

“Feelings aside,” Sentience patted him on the back, “NO ONE is good enough without the Source.”

“R…really?” Sam looked up half with still a perturbed feeling and half with welcomed surprise. Never once had Sam made the connection that the reason these two seemed to have it altogether was the Source, and not some predisposition, something innate about them.

“Nope,” Battled confirmed “pressure’s off.”

The spoons continued clicking against sides of bowls, while Sam pondered this statement.

“So….i…if I f…find the source….I’ll m…make it home?” Sam queried with renewed excitement.

“You’ll be changed.” Battle set his spoon down in his bowl to mark his statement with a last click.

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