Sam turned onto his side, only to realise that Battle was lying at the archway of his room. Although it was dark, Sam could tell that it was him. He had his eyes wide open as if watching over the room, perched on his feet like a nesting bird.

He doesn't have any blankets at all, Sam thought. He wondered, now after complaining about it, if the rabbits had given him all of their bedding, and since it was getting colder the more the fire dissipated, he thought he would offer up at least a few of the rags that his was laying on top of.

"Battle!" Sam spat out a shouting sort of whisper to arouse Battle from what he thought was his surveillance position.

Battle jolted from his position, alright, and was now standing on all fours, "wh! what!? Sam! what's the trouble?"

"I...I just," Sam stopped himself realising what had just happened, "were....were asleep?"

"Yes, yes I was," Battle seemed a bit annoyed with the lack of an emergency waking him up "rabbits can sleep with their eyes open or shut."

"Oh," Sam was embarrassed "I...I'm sorry. a blanket?"

"No, thank you all the same," Battle settled back down into his previous pose "we don't know much about what you humans call comfort."

That explains a lot, Sam thought to himself, as he shifted himself from one uncomfortable position to another, the next one just as uncomfortable. This is going to be a long night, he thought.

Somewhere in the silence, after both rabbit and human extracted themselves from conversation, Sam fell into a dreamy state. He could feel himself being pulled, as if he was in some kind a fight, like taking a look at the inner workings of his own soul. He saw shadows and light, but no distinct figures. He also felt encompassed with terror, as though he should be trying to get away from real, eternal danger. So he found himself running, only to end up locked inside a dark and ominous basement or a dead end belonging to a vast maze. The only physical distinction he could really make out were the unmistakable claws around his hands and feet pulling him off into who knew where. He was so terrorised and pulled so hard he thought he might lose an arm or foot in the endeavour. Whatever belonged to the claws was not giving up. Then there was a strange light, and inside the light was peace, unexplainable peace. But how could he stay in the light? Where were the answers?

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