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“You’ve been there before, Marg, uh, Capin’ Maggie,” Lester brushed the crumbs off his hoodie and placed his elbows on his lifted knees, “and you’ve made it….before.”

“How do I find them?” Marguex murmured, sort of ignoring her brother as she took the steering wheel of the Deborah, that was normally, at least for most vessels, at the wrong end of the ship.

Lester looked up at her as the discrepancy suddenly dawned upon him, “why do you suppose the steering wheel is in the front and not the back, like most ships?”

“I have no idea,” she grabbed a hold of the steering wheel and tried to turn it, finding that it wouldn’t budge. She stood there confused for a moment.

“Do you suppose it’s connected to the rudder at all?” Lester queried.

“Doesn’t seem like it could be,” Marguex grunted as she tried to move it again.

Marguex sat back down with her brother and put her face in her hands, “how on earth am I going to do this?” Again, she asked.

Lester answered with an remarkably short but profound quip, “Not the normal way, I guess.”

They both looked at each other and laughed heartily. They also let go of a future no one could control, no matter how hard they tried. They slept that night in peace.