Place of Rest

"Well, it’s like this," Sentience squinted his eyes, still wet from compassion, but sparkling with joy, "if there is struggle, there must be a place of rest."

Battle wanted in on the topic as well, and he wiped his eyes enthusiastically, "if there is heartbreak, there must be such a thing as a whole heart.”

Sam started to maybe think these two had lost their marbles completely, but he let them continue.

"You see Sam," Sentience let his voice drop to lay some emphasis on this particular point "no one can operate with half of the reality."

"At least," Battle could sense this line of reasoning was sliding over Sam's head, "we don't know how you do it. Or anyone does it.”

" what?"

"Live without the whole truth," Battle was blinking ferociously.

Sam was still unsure what they meant, but felt the deep sadness he had just experienced being quickly replaced with a whelming over anger, “oh,….you mean. Wh….what do I do n…now that Dads gone?” He started to get up from the table, for the sole purpose of laying some more thoughts on it, “wh…what happens n…now th…that moms g…gone half crazy?!” He was just getting started but he decided to share one other thought and see where it landed, “or wh…what do I do….now th…that the o…only p..person to ..e..e..ever understand me…is…” he couldn’t finish, only slumped back in his chair to stop himself. The tears weren’t making a threat this time, it was the impulse to destroy the place that was raging.

After a moment Sentience looked him straight in his eyes, with his wriggling nose down, still aware with keen sense, that his next words should not be wasted, “We mean, there is a place to take that pain.”

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