Rap tap tap

Sam stood motionless for a moment encapsulated with fear. No step in any direction seemed safe or realistic. Senti and Battle could clearly see Sam, though he could not see them at all.  They observed the transformation on his face from anger and annoyance to sheer terror in a split second.

"Hush!" one whispered to the other. It does not matter which one to whom.

"Back up!" the conversation continued.

Sam was gasping for the air of which he had plenty, and seeking a familiar view, but sadly, there was nothing to cling to in that way, nor was there any pathway clearly defined. He wasn't even sure from which direction he had come. "Battle? Senti?"

From a distance down one of the hollow tubes of this endless burrow Sam thought he heard something like a match struck against the dirt and stone walls, then a very faint light emerging the same direction.


Sentience had found a box of matches left next to the candle perched along the side of the cave and stealthily lit it. The two fur coated creatures disappeared completely, like they were never there, leaving Sam alone with the flickering light, his plans that were not well thought through, and a miles of tunnels.

"H....hello?" Sam repeated. I'm stuttering again, he thought. "W..what do..t..two rabbits know...a..anyway?" Sam sat down to collect himself a moment but then started thinking about the likelihood that the candle would run out because that is what his luck was all about, disappointment and derailment. Ok, so it wasn't any kind of luck at all.

"I...I better f...find the source." Sam mumbled to himself, getting up and stumbling forward in the dark, he began groping the sides of the tunnel and squinting his eyes to see anything clearly. Sometimes he thought the light was moving, in fact he found himself at a sort of intersection, but the number of directions it opened up to was alarming. He stood in the center of all his options and thought for sure the barely flickering light was moving from one tunnel to the next, and then the next. Are the leaves back? Because this would be a great time for something freaky like that to happen, thought Sam.

Rap tap tap tap came from above.

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