Ready to Run

Sam looked up in alarm. He had grown accustomed to the idea that he would hear nothing but his heavy, fright filled breathing for awhile and the sound was almost successful in cracking him in two.

Rap, tap tap.

What is that? Sam thought to himself, squinting upward to try to see in the dark. In a moment he could feel dirt like debris falling on his head, obviously coming from the source of the rapping and tapping.

"H..hello?" Sam wasn't too sure he wanted to initiate a conversation with what was making that noise for he thought that it could be the Blinder again, so the inquiry was very quiet.

Rap tap tap.

Sam thought it sounded like pecking of some sort, then saw that the dirt was giving way completely and would soon reveal what was making that noise. Sam decided that he would be better off hiding just in case IT WAS the Blinder. He slunk down against the wall of one of the many tunnels, covering himself with the darkness.

The morning sunlight began to stream through the hole that was being made in the ceiling of the rabbit burrow. Was it a rabbit burrow? Or had it, by degrees, morphed into something else entirely? He was pretty confident now that whatever was making the noise was a small animal and would surely not see him sitting there in the dark. Sam sat quietly pondering these things until the sound of loud cawing nearly shook him out of his sneakers.


It's a black crow, and not just one!, thought Sam. His mind was racing with other possibilities but that was the over all summation of them at that point. What do they want? Surely not a worm? Just then a huge swarm of black birds flew into the darkened cave like a flock of bats. Sam screamed as he understood that they were coming after him. "No! Shooo! G...get...back!"

It was a vain effort, to say the least, as the determined winged army picked him up by his clothing with their beaks, carrying him him up and bursting through the tiny opening in the ceiling, sending fragments of dirt everywhere upon reaching the outside. They dropped him, soundly, just short of the makeshift entrance and flew off in all different directions like they were never there. Sam lay there on his back for quite some time, blinking at the obtuse light, and collecting himself, when he witnessed a familiar shadow of a figure coming his way.

Sam turn onto his haunches quickly, ready to run.

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