So Strange

So strange. Sam stood there realising he still didn't know the man's name. He noticed for the first time how pleasant the weather actually was, though. Not too cold or hot, the sun was shining brightly and his stomach was somehow full from that small, sweet little wafer. So he sighed deeply, but perhaps in a somewhat angsty way.

The look of his surroundings were so contrary to the lurking dangers he almost forgot the warnings of the rabbits, even the trees could be enemies, but not quite. He looked up at the evergreen fixtures cautiously, and he wondered if the Blinder only came out under cover of darkness.

From around his feet he felt a familiar swirling rise up. The leaves were singing again, "keep moving."

"Huh?" Sam looked down this time with less surprise, but still alarmed, "w...what?"

"Keeeep...moving..." the orchestration became clearer to his ears.

"Wh...where?" these were some bossy little leaves.

"Move on, Sam, move on," the leaves of golden, yellow and red hues seemed to push him in every direction, which confused him.

"F...fine!" But just where he was suppose to go, he had no idea about. Then he remembered his plan to follow the wall to its end, if it ended at all. So Sam headed off into the direction of where he thought the wall might be. But as he walked away you could hear the leaves singing gently to themselves a different tune.

"Where, oh, where is he going?" the sounding fading away in the distance between themselves and Sam.

Nothing looked familiar to him at all. He had no idea where to find the large wall of foliage. He only had the slowly creeping in sense that he was being watched. He walked along, casting glances around him, as if preparing for something to jump out of the trees, but he only heard the sounds of the forest. The birds were chirping to one another, hopping from branch to branch to continue their conversations and to presumably get a closer look at Sam who had unabashedly entered their foresty quarters. Their heads cocked to one side, and their large black eyes blinked in resistance. They were endowed with a wide range of beautiful colours, unlike Sam had ever seen. The wind was wistfully blowing like loose cannons, swooping up between the leaves and branches, reaching up past the tallest trees, collapsing its efforts and bring a few leaves down in its conquest. The sky, it was as clear as glass, and it took Sam's breath away. He felt that if he could squint his eyes in just the right way, he could get a glimpse of the galaxies beyond it, in broad daylight.

But that unmistakable feeling that someone, something, was watching him. 

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