"H...hello?" Sam somehow felt the need to call out to the forest that he felt was watching him. The forest grew more silent and still in response, which was certainly eery, and Sam picked up his pace.

"H...hello?" he said again. Of course he expected no response, but felt just as inclined to repeat the greeting as he did the first time in the hopes of a friendlier atmosphere. He noticed right away the trees stopped moving with the breezes and that the birds had stopped their chirping. The brightness of the sky had somehow dimmed to a normal grey blue.

Crickle crack crack.

Now that was an odd sound. Crickle crickle crack crack.

" a.. ee..anyone there?" Sam stopped his forward movement to glance around him in a more thorough manner, just in case he had missed something with his earlier perusals.

Crickle crickle crack crack.

With great alarm Sam watched the trees transform right in front of him to large black fences. Extending their branches like spiders legs. Their branches had intertwined with each other as if barbed wire and turned as black as inside the rabbit tunnel.

"Th..that's...n...not g...good." Sam said to himself. The rabbits were not kidding.

The trees reached across the path that he was on and blocked it, but not to the extent that a climb seemed insurmountable, to his mind, but he would have to act fast. I'll try to climb over, he thought and scrambled up the fence like branches that were moving quickly. He felt a branch grab at his foot and then another on the other foot and suddenly found himself hanging upside down from the branches....stuck.

Now what?

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