Thank God its Apple

All this running around in fear of a large black figure, wielding a fiery stick, was taking its toll on Sam. What was it, exactly, keeping him from finding his way back home? That was causing his chest to feel like it was about to cave in? He really wanted to talk about it, he wanted to find someone, anyone who understood, but these squirrels were not going to be any help at all, continuously pressuring him with their large yellow eyes to follow.

“I…I am n…not into this…” he mumbled to the furry tag-alongs, who were acting more like his leaders, a title he had not given them, even if they did rescue him. As he was thinking this, they climbed in the tree in front him, and again, like before, turned around to make sure he was going to do the same.

“Ar…aren’t trees…b..bad?” Sam was suddenly filled with doubt and surging fear concerning the prospect. He stopped just short of the steep climb into the heart of the trunk through a large gap in the bark, but with a slump sat down by the roots that jutted out in all directions. At alarming pace, he felt he could honestly have gone to sleep right then and there, by just leaning his head on one of the protruding appendages. It was unnaturally quick to feel this tired. The kind of drowsiness that he felt when the Blinder came after him the night before. An eery, dispossessing kind of drowsiness, like he was on the verge of succumbing to something in the air, and losing all of his faculties.

This was no position to be found in, that was certain. Sam had learned that lesson. The squirrels were anxiously scratching the bark of the large tree unable to convince Sam of his safety or adversely his danger by doing so. Aren’t trees bad? Sam repeated his question. These were going to be, perhaps, if he didn’t make his decision quickly, his final thoughts, altogether. Where are those singing leaves? Maybe they know? He was drifting off to But peering up, Sam noticed large red fruit hanging from the tree. An apple tree!

Suddenly, for Sam, the answer was clear. He would see if what was hanging from this tree was really edible, sweet apples, close up, and then he would trust it enough to climb into it. After all, he knew about apple trees, there were several of them planted in his neighbourhood for anyone who wanted to eat them. So now with new vigour and excitement, that shook off that strange tiredness, Sam started climbing the tree to get a closer look at one of the huge apples. It was not an easy climb, but he had climbed many trees. Hand...hand...foot hold...foot hold. Finally he reached one large delicious looking apples and picked it. He hung still on one of the limbs for a moment, wondering if there would be a reaction from the tree, like the dangerous situation he had just escaped. Maybe it would slap him with its large leaves. Nothing.

As he clung to the large branch he brought the apple close to his nose and took in a big whiff… It’s apple! Thank God its apple.

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