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The Offensive

“Margeux!” Was the cry heard from below. Marguex peered over the edge of the rock to see her brother from a distance just emerging from the forest of black twigs.

“Run!” Marguex tried to remove him from the present circumstances but Lester chose to run toward the issue at hand, instead of away from it.

“What is this?!” asked the shadowy mean figure, aloft the vulture, obviously perturbed, looking through the fiery feathers to see what Marguex saw.

“That’s my brother!” Marguex was more excited about seeing Lester and delivering him from this mess, than holding a guard over her mouth, and accidentally let out the full disclosure.

“What!????” The Man exclaimed in a rage.

With that proclamation, the steaming cohorts above Marguex jumped around a little in a kind of an echo of a response, probably flustered in anticipation of what was going to be ordered next.

Marguex did not give this much food for thought, however, and climbed further down during the hysteria to somehow meet her brother. Presently, everyone also heard a “ROAAARRR!” emerge from the ashy forest, along with various screeching, and howls from the other beasts, all that rallied behind the large bear.

“How fun!!!” laughed the evil man in defiance, arms raised over his head, “perhaps today there might be a tad more resistance to my plan than the usual nothing," said with emphasis. "I’ve waited a long time for this!” he sneered.

At that, the army of zombies descended in waves down the ominous mountain, like the clamorous host of mindless thugs that they were, to meet the offensive attack.