The Source, God

Sam quickly vied to change the subject, despite the fact that he was in the middle of the very discussion that both rabbits meant to have with him from the beginning. Weights, no matter how excruciating they are, are like that. They have every intention of staying and making one feel like worse things would happen if they were let go of, and no matter how many times they've proved themselves unmanageable for any mortal to handle, they present a softer face when it appears their time is up. And so it went.

"W...what is the s..s..Source?" Sam, still steaming a bit from his reflections, but venturing a path he thought was off the topic.

For the rabbits, though, it was the perfect question. Battle's unibrow lifted, ears in tow, "well, now," he started "we were actually getting to that."

"W..what?" Sam threatened another change of subject, but relented.

"In your world," Sentience explained "perhaps you call 'the Source', God?"

"Gramma.....b...believed in..God," Sam looked at the floor as his face flushed.

"We know," Battle and Sentience looked at each other.

" she here?" Sam knew this didn't make sense unless purgatory was real, and he missed the part about personally dying.

"No," Battle and Sentience replied at the same time "she is one with the Source of all life. The One that started it all with no pain, no sorrow, no brokenness, no trouble. She trusted, was accepted and abides, forever. In a perfect place."

Sam paused for a moment, staring at the two rabbits, "wh...what...does it, uh...h...He ...w...want from me?"

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