Two Rabbits

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Sam was nose to nose and eye to eye with a large rabbit who was peering over him like a furry doctor. The rabbit's nose was wriggling, keeping the pace of the investigation. Sam's was not, his uneasy breath kept the pace alarmingly well. "From where have you come?" it started its inquest. Its breath smelled of fresh cut grass and carrots, and it was not as refreshing as one might imagine blown right in Sam's face.

"I..I..I....c...come from I..In..Indiana," Sam could think of nothing else to say and continued to stare into the large brown almond shaped eyes.

"From what?" the rabbit shifted in a perturbed response to this. "I know nothing of this Indiana," the rabbit sniffed. It examined Sam's clothes from head to foot and scratched at his arms and legs here and there, "but you DO seem to be lost!"

"Ow!" Sam rubbed his arms in protest and rallied an effort to evade the next set of scratchings.

The rabbit narrowed his eyes at Sam for a moment as if studying a book and then hopped away to the other side of the cave where another rabbit was busying itself by what seemed to be a fireplace and a tiny kitchen.

"I...I..I AM...L...LOST!" it was all Sam could do to not cry and he bolstered his efforts at concealing his emotions, burying his face in his hands, sighing heavily.

After a long pause, with head still in his palms, and no noises to decipher around him (rabbits are usually very quiet), Sam looked up again, this time out of curiosity, only to find both rabbits were starring at him, with blank expressions. One had more white on its face than the other, upon further observation. The darker one was the one that first examined Sam. They both blinked simultaneously, unmoved by his struggle. For the life of him, Sam couldn't figure out what all this meant, or how being here, with two human sized rabbits, would help his situation at large. Sure, there was no longer a dark caped figure literally trying to blind him, but he was no further in his pursuit to get home.

Sam let out an exhausted gasp, rolling his eyes, but continued a semblance of a discussion in an effort avert these wide starring rabbit's eyes somewhere else, ""

"Yep,.....lost," stated the darker one to the other in clear resolve. With that, they both scooted around toward the fire again, with their fluffy tails aimed in Sam's direction.

"I....KN...KNOW!" Sam was beyond annoyed, "b...b..but I am!"

Now it was the lighter one's turn to speak up, in an apparent silent understanding between the two walls of fur, "not THAT kind of lost." They both proceeded to shake their heads in exasperated pity at their "lost" specimen.

" mean?!!!" Sam cried. Now the frustrated tears welled up in his eyes.

The darker one hopped itself closer to Sam, maintaining his nose to nose position again with him, awful breath to boot. Sam wanted to punch the annoying, constantly moving, black velvet triangle, but refrained himself as the rabbit queried, "are you trying to speak?"

"' of me?!" the black nose looked even more appealing for a quick swipe.

"You, my friend, need to find out why you are here." For the first time an element of compassion filled its eyes.

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