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Vortex of Death

“Dawn has broke, Cap,” Bayern bellowed the sleeping teens right out of their hollow dreams like a huge crashing wave, “and trouble is upon the horizon, look!”

Marguex was getting use to the daylight bringing trouble, rubbed her eyes and peered over the railings of the ship, “what in the world is that?”

It looked to be a whirlpool, but lest anyone get any ideas about a contained kiddie sized activity in a Dough-boy pool in the 80s, this was not that. This was the real deal poised to draw in all that surrounded it, it’s victims slipping resolutely into it’s huge mass of darkness without an ounce of resistence, and the Deborah was next.

“Drop the sails!” Marguex yelled, surprising herself. She reached her hand out for the steering wheel completely forgetting the immovability of it the night before, and without noticing it much, turned the wheel to send the ship around starboard side.

Still the huge cyclone prevailed, gradually closing in on the space between it and the Deborah.

Marguex quickly lifted her voice over the crashing waves into Bayern’s direction, “Have you ever faced this before?”

“No, Ms Capin’, I have never in all my wondering years seen the likes of this before,” Bayern replied in his overly calm, yet excited manner as if this was a ride at a theme park.

“What do we do???” Lester looked over at him.

“Go in, I guess,” Bayern’s smiling eyes were a tad annoying but not at all out of character.

“What!!!???” Lester and Marguex said it at the same time.

“Into this swirling vortex of death?” Lester continued.

“Now that’s being a little melodramatic, don’t you think,” Bayern responded to Lester who, in turn, shook his head to affirm his misgivings.