What do you want?

He wasn’t sure how long he had been lying there with his eyes closed. Long enough, he knew, to start to feel the colder breezes sweep in and jolt him with the realisation that nightfall would be coming. Why should I care about going back? What hope do I have? Mom is getting rid of me. No one at school likes me..... I can’t talk.

The leaves rustled around his head. At first the sounds were familiar responses to the breezes that shifted them, but then there seemed to be strange musical notes attached to their movements. He moved his head to the side to get a closer look at the phenomena. Remarkably, right before his eyes, he saw the leaf forms take on extra shimmer and shine, dancing in the air with magical orchestration. This was not like the dead foliage he was familiar with, that lay trampled on the ground through the winter. He sat up, suddenly, wide eyed at the wonder that floated in mid air before him.

“Shush” came a whispering that accompanied the beautiful, rhythmic sounds. “Hush, hush…don’t speak.” All the leaves sprouted legs like tiny humans, although they maintained their leafy shape and colour. They continued to beckon him to silence.

He protested out loud, with great alarm at the strange site, “I.. I.. I’m no..not sayin' an.. ANYTHING!” This was all too much for Sam to take in, and he started his escape out of the forest, back to the safety of the familiar. No matter how dismal it was, it was better than this other worldly chaos.

“Shush” the same mantra continued, making attempts to pursue him, to get inside his mind. He ran with all his might the same way he thought he had come, only to find a large hedge, dark and foreboding, blocking his way out. It was too wide to go around, and it reached a least a few stories above his head. What was this? He paused, dumbfounded a terribly frightened.

He could hear the leaf fairies, if that is what they were, over his shoulder, still pursuing him with their “hushing” song. It was loud and furious, awesome and scary. He turned and backed up as close as he could to the shrubbery. “Wh…w…what d...d..do y..you……w..want?” Frozen in a terrified state, fearful that something worse was about to happen. He stood still.

The tiny leaf people laughed in the air and flew around his head with their song, suddenly changing the theme to “say it again…..say it again, “ and giggling as if they were mocking him. He felt his frightened tears expose themselves onto his hot, red, cheeks. Louder, they sang, with attentive gesturing as if expecting a response, “say it again…..please.” One winked at him.




“AGAIN!” the crescendo deafening.


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