What's on the other side?

“What?” asked Sam.

Battle looked forward at Sentience for some kind of signal to say something, Sentience returned the look and then starred back again at Sam squinting his big eyes.

“What is going on?!” Sam's enthusiasm over the untimely pause relinquished it’s hold momentarily as he was suddenly cognisant of a simple fact that caused him to covered his own mouth with wide eyed amazement. “I’m not stuttering!”

Battle and Sentience said nothing, turned somewhat abruptly but contentedly and continued on the indecipherable path. Well, only decipherable to rabbits.

Sam’s mind was in a whirl and he could hardly keep up at all with the two cotton tails in front of him. What did this all mean? Why suddenly? Was it because he chose confidence before there was a reason to be confident? Maybe that was this faith business they were talking about. Something, someone, was for sure working on his insides, he knew that, he could feel movement in there, right there in his heart, where there was absolutely nothing before.

“I thought I would live with that my whole life,” Sam said, panting from behind, striving almost fruitlessly to keep up. This declaration was more reminiscent in form, and Sam was not really concerned with whether or not it would reach the long ears in front of him.

“Not for you,” Battle continued hopping along without looking back “apparently.” Marked with a short cough.

“When will we get there?” With all of this freedom to speak, Sam was sure he would have a lot to say in the near future, he just didn’t know quite how to grasp it all, yet. But even this preliminary liberty was fantastic

“We’re there!” Sentience, in tune to Sam's thoughts, answered from the front.

“We are?” Sam tried to look through two sets of fluffy tails and long ears to see what Sentience saw as a sure sign that their destination had been reached.

“Yep,” Battle sighed a deep sigh and leaned against the cave wall.

Sam finally caught a glimpse of some light at the far end of the tunnel. A straight way out, that didn’t involve any cave roofs caving in, or birds carrying him out and dropping him on a pile of grass. He could walk out without fear, on his own two feet, right out of these dark tunnels, just like that.

“What’s on the other side?”

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