Whatever Direction

His emboldened soul eventually caved into something akin to terror as he realised that the hedge stretched for miles and miles into the darkened horizon which meant he was stuck right where he was for the unforeseen future. He sat down with the deepest discouragement in such a stark contrast to what had filled his heart just moments before, then out from the corner of his eye he saw a shadow move.

Sam crouched down as far as he could and tried to get a glimpse of what or who was moving around him, but there was no place to hide way up there in the tree. “Wh….who….is there?” he said in a hushed tone.

If it was who he thought it was, this would be the end, he felt for sure. There was just no place to go but down the tree, so he swung on one of the branches most available to him. This was risky business, to say the least, for most people, but he was adept at climbing trees. So down he went one branch at a time, not missing a single grip, like he was using the climbing wall at school, a place he was overly familiar with, due to his lack of friends.

As he climbed down he felt the same eery shadow move around him, giving him chills right up his spine. He tried not to look, for fear he might be blinded on the spot. At last he reached the ground, but now where to?

Sam started to run in any direction available. At least he wasn’t drowsy this time, but he could feel the “dark shadow” close behind him, following him whatever turn he made in the dark, oh please please please, he thought, help me. There was a strange light shining in front of him from the moment he whispered his weak prayer, and then suddenly there were the little leaves all around humming and whispering like the times before.

“Oh…h …hello.” Sam exclaimed, panting as he ran.

Peace,” they began to sing “follow the light.”


They repeated themselves, “peace, Sam, follow the light.”

“Wh…where I…is the light?”

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