You Again!?

The singing of the leaves got louder and louder which only flustered Sam. He felt like he was running in circles to begin with, but the constant high pitched crescendos in his ears made him want to bat the air around him with his fists.

"St....STOP!" Sam felt like he was on the verge of succumbing to whatever was behind him at any minute, "I c...cannot..s..see the light a...anymore."

Then Sam fell on his face, the result of tripping over a protruding stone.

"OH no!' sang the leaves in four part harmony.

Between his groans Sam rang out a depleted "help" again, then suddenly there were familiar claws around his arms and legs.

" again?!"

"Get up, Sam," it was Battle "let's go."

Sentience had his other arm, "come on, Sam!"

Battle gave such a powerful kick that the whole ground shook. Sam was sure that it had startled whatever was after him, and he was extremely grateful to see these two again. Before he knew it, he was already underground, in a brand new burrow, or at least it was different than the one he remembered.

For a moment Sam sat in their main room a little embarrassed with himself, while Sentience and Battle made no attempt, per usual, at discourse, then he queried meagrely, ""

The rabbits looked at each other and appeared to be slightly annoyed, "you're no farther than you were before." This might have been a question if there was the slightest inflection, but judging by their disappointed expression, this was definitely stated as a resolute fact. The inference brought back all the reasons he had tried to escape their presence before, in utter disgust.

Sam could tell this would escalate to a volcano-esk degree if he didn't shut his mouth for the time being, but who knew how long that would last. He only narrowed his eyes and pierced his lips, without one thing to say.

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